Hello world!

I never imagined doing this–blogging, that is. Not in my wildest dreams. So, I decided my first tale should show how I finally got here, with the help of two experienced bloggers, my sister, and a chipmunk.

Inspiration came first from Michael Lacopo’s presentation at the APG (Association of Professional Genealogists) Luncheon during the FGS (Federation of Genealogical Societies) National Conference in Springfield, Illinois. Though his whole talk was entertaining and inspiring, it was his closing remarks that hit home with me. After giving several reasons why all genealogists should blog, he left us with no excuse, and said, “START WRITING!” Wow! Those words struck me to the core. No more excuses; no more procrastinating.

A week or so passed, and I was in Mt. Moriah Cemetery (Boot Hill) in Deadwood, South Dakota, with my sister and her daughter. (Girls road trip time.) We did the usual touristy things–located the resting places of several well-known Deadwood residents, including Wild Bill and Calamity Jane, walked up to the highest point overlooking the town of Deadwood, saw the flag that is at half-mast 24/7 by Congressional permission. Then, as we were walking back down toward the gate, I saw a chipmunk running along the concrete wall of one of the large burial sections, its tail straight up in the air. I pointed it out to my sister, who said she didn’t see it. Then, the chipmunk settled down on the concrete, lowering its tail. I said, “Show your tail, little chipmunk! Show your tail!” My sister laughed, “That would be great wording for a shirt!” My niece and I starting laughing, too. Then, the light came on in my head. Show your tail. No. Show Your Tale! That’s it! What a great name for a blog!

The final inspiration came after I returned home from my three-week road trip, about a week after the chipmunk sighting. Dick Eastman posted an article about setting up a blog with WordPress. Perfect timing! I had the why-to-do-it, the what-to-call-it and what-to-write-in-it, and now I had the how-and where-to-create-it.

Some might say these were all coincidences, but I prefer to think that the stars all came into alignment with the desires of my heart, and voila! Show Your Tale blog came into being.