An Earth Day Tribute

They say that whatever it is you want to become, you should start by practicing it often–daily, if possible. If you want to be a surfer, surf. If you want to be an artist, create art. If you want to be an astronaut, reach for the stars. So… If I want to be a writer, I must write. Often. Whether what I have to say is of any interest to anyone, or not. As long as it is real and true to who I am. As a writer, I must consider my audience, too.

Today is Earth Day. If this day has any importance to you, then you have probably done something to recognize its importance, or to celebrate this wonderful rotating and revolving orb on which we live. Perhaps, you have set goals for doing more to save the planet. Or maybe, you have gone out and bought an electric car to reduce emissions and save our precious air. Whatever you do, big or small, I commend your enthusiasm and your efforts.

For my part, I decided to write about the Palo Verde tree. In my humble opinion, the Palo Verde tree is magnificent in its uniqueness. I absolutely love its beautiful green bark and glorious canopy of blossoms. Do you know why its bark is green? Two-thirds of its chlorophyll is in its bark, and only one-third is in its leaves! Did you know that their seeds and blossoms are edible? Did you know they can live up to 100 years, and some are as old as 400? Did you know they are the primary nurse plants for baby saguaro cactus, providing shade and shelter from the hot summer sun? Did you know that the pollen of a Palo Verde tree is sticky and heavy, making it more difficult for this pollen to travel far in the wind? I just learned all this about my favorite tree for Earth Day.

And here is an original poem about the Palo Verde, in honor of April being National Poetry Month. Hope you enjoy!

Palo Verde, green stick of the desert–
Thick, amber syrup oozes from your hearty trunk
And twisted, gnarly branches embrace you fervently.
It is Spring! Season of renewal, rebirth…
Rejoice! Reach those long, arthritic fingers
In praise to the glorious Sun,
As brilliant-yellow, sapphiric blossoms
Adorn your massive crown in majestic magnificence.
Green goddess of arid Sonoran climes,
We welcome you–hope-filled and awe-inspiring.