Goals vs. Resolutions

First week of 2017 has passed, and I am just writing my first post of the new year. I am not one to make New Year’s Resolutions, per se, but I do have some goals for this year.

  • Get back to living a healthier lifestyle. In 2014 I lost fifty pounds, but over the past year they found me again. Ugh! So, I am back to my early morning exercise to get toned and to eating right for weight loss. It is tough to do when traveling, but I have to quit making that excuse and just do it.
  • Create my business website. I am enrolled in a class to help get that done. My daughter is creating my logo, which should be done by the end of the month. I am excited about what this will become.
  • Finish my formal schooling and begin working on my BCG (Board for Certification of Genealogists) Portfolio.
  • Complete my DAR and DUVCW (Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War) applications.
  • Create a following for my blog.
  • Do more to develop my genealogy business and take on new clients.
  • Spend as much time with family as possible.
  • Organize my files, photos, research, etc., including backing up.
  • Work on branding my business, Tapestries Professional Genealogy Services.

Of course, there are still other important things, but these are the big goals. Unlike resolutions which are made once and then forgotten after a period of time, goals are meant to be reviewed and evaluated periodically. I have made year-long goals ever since I began teaching. They used to be year-long themes for planning my curriculum. Now, they are focused on this new career path I began over two years ago–that of becoming a professional and certified genealogist. So, if you are frustrated by failed resolutions, then you might try goal-setting, instead. Happy New Year!