2019 IGGP Conference Update

Great progress has been made in the planning and preparation for this international German genealogy conference, “STRIKE IT RICH! with Connections 2 Discoveries,” to be held in Sacramento June 15-17, 2019. Top-notch speakers have been selected, including Dr. Frit Juengling, Dr. Michael Lacopo, and Dr. Roger Minert. Presentation tracks have been planned, including Advancing Your Research, Regional Focus, DNA/Technology, History and Culture, and Eureka! (a variety of other topics relevant to researching German ancestors). Creation of the preliminar program is well underway. Hospitality is busy organizing special events for our visitors. And… Registration is only a few weeks away–November 1!

For more info about IGGP and this golden opportunity, visit the IGGP website: www.iggpartner.org.